Tips On Finding The Right Yorkie Dog Food For Your Precious Pup

There are several factors that are involved when it comes to finding the right food for your dog. Two of the most important are cost and dog preference. Obviously, you can spend all the money in the world, but it won’t do any good if your dog doesn’t like the food. Meanwhile, there can be a perfect food out there, but if feeding your dog costs so much that you can’t afford to feed yourself, there is a problem.

Finding the right Yorkie dog food that fits your budget, meets dietary requirements and is also a food your dog runs to eat can be difficult. However, with the number of brands on the market there is sure to be one that fits all of the above criteria.

Food that Fits the Budget

Dry dog food tends to be cheaper, simply because you get a lot more in a bag than you do in quantity for each package of wet dog food. Dry dog food is also a good choice for dogs that need a certain smell to draw them to the food or need a certain texture to their food.

When it comes to wet food, the flavoring, smell and price tag are big factors in finding the best food choice for your pet.

Yorkie dog food

Food that Meets Dietary Requirements

Unless your dog has a sensitivity to certain ingredients, most foods should be sufficient to maintain a dog’s health and keep their weight in the appropriate range. For dogs that have skin issues or other disorders, it may be necessary to try an elimination diet to determine the cause and make sure that ingredient is not included in any future food purchases.

Food Your Dog Runs to Eat

This is the most difficult factor to control when it comes to buying dog food. Your dog may love a certain type of food, but after he or she has been eating it for some time it could cause digestive issues or skin issues and result in the need to change foods. Changing foods for a picky pup then becomes a trial and error process. Trying wet food means feeding your dog more often and spending more on the food itself. Meanwhile, feeding your dog dry food means deciding between foods that are meant for certain size dogs, dogs of a certain age or that need certain elements like protein or calcium to strengthen teeth and bones. Finally, the choice of food that tastes a certain way or smells a certain way can make a big difference in whether or not your beloved pet eats their dinner or leaves the food in their bowl in protest.

There is no specific food that is guaranteed to be a success when fed to a Yorkie. Instead, you have to balance your needs for a reasonably priced food and one that can be stored for a legitimate amount of time against the dietary needs of your little four-legged friend and the preference they show for hard versus soft food and certain smells or tastes.